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Lake Country, British Columbia, Canada

#Net Zero #Passive House #Prefab #Carbon Neutral 

Nido Lux is the Okanagan's first Net-Zero Passive House.

Nido Lux - named by its owners, Janice and Brent means "Light Nest."  Their goal was to build a house that has a small ecological footprint, is functional, takes advantage of the natural features of the land, and inspires others. 

The house looks awesome, but is much more. Every aspect of the design was thought out to meet these goals. It optimizes comfort and energy use through Passive House design and includes solar panels to generate all the energy it needs on an annual basis which also makes it carbon neutral. It will be one of the most advanced homes in the BC Interior.

This house is situated on a sunny slope among ponderosa pines, natural grasses, and wildflowers with expansive views of Okanagan Lake. The exterior materials blend with the landscape and the balconies and windows are designed to be immersed with its surroundings.

The design is responsive to the seasons to provide day light at all parts of the day throughout the year while also providing shading when needed to keep the house comfortable during hot Okanagan summers. The spaces in the home are highly functional allowing for a more compact form and attention to quality over quantity. 

The house shell is prefabricated and assembled on site to both ensure quality and allow the owners to move in quicker.


The project is currently under construction with completion expected in early spring. Please check back to view photo updates.

Nidolux Net-Zero Passive House Lake Country

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2017-01-16 - BSD - Bowyer-Larsons - Visual 1920x620
Thermal Envelope
Reflection pond
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