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The Green Point Project 
Cowichan Bay, British Columbia, Canada

#Net Zero #Passive House #Living Building #World First

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The Green Point Project is set to become a world's first certified Passive House Plus, Living Building, and, Green Shores for Homes.

NIDO's role included the Passive House consulting which included energy modeling, specifying the building shell, mechanical and electrical systems, and developing drawings and construction documentation and collaboration with the consulting team.

Learn more about the project in the video below.

The Green Point project

One of the most sustainably constructed homes in the world, owners Kenneth and Fiona set the bar incredibly high by pursuing certifications in the Living Building Challenge, Passive House, and Green Shores for Homes.⁠

The Living Building Challenge (LBC) is arguably the hardest building standard in the world to achieve as it modeled after the petals of a flower with each petal representing a performance category including Place, Water, Energy, Health + Happiness, Materials, Equity, and Beauty. ⁠

The Passive House standard is also arguably the most challenging energy performance standard in the world and perfectly compliments the LBC Energy Petal. The Energy Petal requires a building be Net-Positive Energy by producing all of the energy required by the building on site and an extra 5% to be fed back into the grid and/or potentially power an electric vehicle or bicycle. As any building can be Net-Zero or Net-Positive with enough solar panels, Passive House design strategies minimize how much energy a building requires in the first place so that a very small solar panel array can fully power a building.⁠

Lastly, the Green Shores for Homes program focused on positive steps to reduce the impact of residential development on shoreline ecosystems. GSH helps waterfront homeowners restore natural shorelines which is exactly what this project achieved.⁠

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