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West Passive House Osoyoos BC Anarchist Mountain
West Passive House
Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada

#High Performance #Modern #Passive House Assemblies

The West Residence is located on Anarchist Mountain near Osoyoos, BC. At an elevation of 1,200 m the location is subjected to harsh winter conditions despite its proximity to the warmest place in Canada. Fortunately the project is designed with Passive House components and will provide near Passive House levels of performance providing the owner with exceptional year round comfort.


The house was designed by Don Nicholson Architect with help from Nido Design for energy modelling, design development and construction drawings to optimize performance. The overall house is very thermally efficient with a two storey rectangular floor plate made architecturally awesome by being wrapped in an angular shell and balconies.

Construction is slated for Spring 2018.

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