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ASK Wellness Multifamily Passive House
Merritt, BC

#Net Zero #Passive House #Carbon Neutral 

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The ASK Wellness Society in partnership with BC Housing challenged the design and construction community to design and build a high performance, low energy, multifamily Passive House building with 30 residential suites as well as supportive office spaces and meeting areas. 


The society supports individuals in the community to provide them with opportunities and resources to change their current situation. It’s about reaching out to those people who are homeless and battling addictions, helping them find housing and medical care, addressing their addictions, stabilizing mental health issues and ultimately, providing them with the skills to re-enter the work force. ASK Wellness administers an unconditional sense of hope to those who are convinced that they are incapable of ever achieving a stable, meaningful life. 


The Project Highlights


  • Super-Insulated Building Envelope

  • High-Performance Windows and Doors

  • Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems 

  • Thermal Bridge Free Design

  • Airtight Construction

  • Solar Thermal Hot Water Pre-Heat System

  • Solar Photo-Voltaic System to offset the 

  • Zero-Emissions - No combustion on site





Nidolux Net-Zero Passive House Lake Country
Construction - Multifamily Passive
Exterior Wall Assembly
Passive House Airtight Construction
Passive House Window Installation
Passive House Window Insulation

A truly great design is only as good as it performs.


Our thoughtful designs provide much more then meets the eye. Learn more how our projects disrupt convention.

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The Team


Client - The ASK Wellness Society

Development Consultant - JTW Consulting

Development Partner - BC Housing

Builder - D & T Developments

Architect - Richard Hunter Architect

Passive House Consultant - NIDO Design Inc.

Structural - Bourcet Engineering

Mechanical - HPF Consultants Ltd.

Electrical - Falcon Engineering

Landscape - LA West Associates Inc.

Building Envelope - Aquacoast Engineering

Passive House Certifier - Peel Passive House Consulting

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