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NIDO specializes in the design of the homes and buildings of the future - today.

To start, we ask the question of why does building sustainably even matter?  Wouldn't it be easier to continue like the industry has been doing it for years?  Yes, of course, but with the challenges we face in the world today we constantly ask ourselves how are our projects achieving true sustainability and do they have the ability to inspire others to also consider the bigger picture. 

​We believe that sustainable buildings, first and foremost, consider the health, comfort and well being of our clients but as well as our communities and the world as a whole.  With well over a million individual parts and pieces to even the smallest projects, we ask where did all of the materials come from, how were they made, what are the ingredients that they are composed of, and how do they impact both our clients health but those who were involved in the extraction, manufacturing, construction and even disposal when their useful life is over.  

Thoughtful designs are inherently energy efficient. By using Passive House principles we can reduce energy demand by as much as 75% over conventional construction. With the addition of solar panels this provides the possibility to generate all the energy you need on site, Net-Zero and even be Net- Positive with additional solar power to recharge electric vehicles. 


To achieve this shift we have created a complete process that disrupts convention to maximize performance and value. 

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