East Kelowna Farmhouse
East Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

#Net Zero #Passive House 

From a traditional farmhouse aesthetic on the street side to a modern aesthetic on the private side with lovely western views to a horse pasture and gardens bounded by mature pine trees, a beautiful new barn, stables, and acres of new orchard. ⁠

The high performance thermal envelope is fitted with Passive House certified windows from Fenstur and Cascadia and are properly shaded from the western setting sun either by roof eaves or concealed Phantom Screens that allow the homeowner to still enjoy their patio and pool in the hot Okanagan sun. ⁠

Part of the larger project was the opportunity to design a classic barn. ⁠

Normally we specify black powder coat steel connections but on the post and beam structure of the barn we wanted the aesthetic to be as vintage as possible so we went with clear powder coat and it turned out amazingly well!

The texture and patina of the steel shines through and adds that extra character and imperfection reminiscent of the past.⁠

To tie the home and barn together, the attached garage at the house was painted to match the barn which pops when you arrive on site.⁠

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Some of the major highlights of the project obviously include the amazing pool but it is what you don't see that matters even more including:⁠

1. Superinsulation - an insulated 2x6 load bearing wall with vertical 9-1/2 I-joists filled with densepack cellulose insulation, sheeted with vapour permeable exterior grade gypsum and then wrapped with a a fully taped and sealed WRB, rain screen and then board and batten cladding the exterior walls are an effective R45, the roof is R90, and the slab R36.⁠

2. Airtight - using a two membrane approach of taped and sealed Proclima Intello X, Tyvek, and rod and caulked windows/doors the final blower door test was 0.98 ACH which we were very pleased with considering this is not a simple box by any means⁠

3. Thermal Bridge Free - there are only two linear bridges in the entire design including the concrete foundation strip footing and one 10' wide cantilevers concrete slab which we tried to eliminate but had to retain so we accounted for these in the energy model and then overcame with other strategies. As Building Codes in Canada aren't quite ready for air admittance valves the only other thermal bridges include the plumbing vent stacks.⁠

4. High Performance Windows/Doors - a combination of Passive House certified products from @fenstur @cascadiawindows and @fakro skylights⁠

5. Fresh Air Ventilation with Heat + Humidity Recovery - a Zehnder 550 ERV constantly circulates fresh air throughout the house⁠

6. Efficient heating/cooling provided by a Mitsubishi air source mini split heat pump⁠

7. Shading and Preventing of Overheating was key in the design and the dominant windows face west so motorized, exterior mounted Phantom Screens were placed on the exterior columns allowing the heat to be cut even when sitting on the balcony enjoying the beautiful pool⁠

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What makes a farmhouse a farmhouse? Well to start you have to have a great entry patio where you can enjoy sunrise with a coffee in hand, friends and family, horses enjoying their pasture, and on those lucky days the sound of rain trickling down the copper rain chains...not a bad place to spend some time at all. ⁠

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