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The Design + Prefab + Build Process

Great design is a combination of experience, creativity, collaboration and great execution. We have a structured design process that allows lots of thought and collaboration to help define your needs and makes sure that you have an exceptional design that is constructed to beyond your expectations. We work to avoid uncertainty and help guide you through the process to make sure you have the information you need to make an informed decision. At each step we confirm the direction with you before we move on allowing us to continually move forward. 

Needs and Options Review

This is the homework phase to understand and define options for the project. It answers critical initial questions including spatial and design considerations, regulations, site features, needs and wants, and project budget review.

The consequence of inadequate upfront research of needs and options is like building a house on bad foundations. The foundations are the most important part of the whole house because everything is built on top. It’s very expensive to change the foundations once you have started to build on top of them, but it’s very easy to change them if they are simply lines on a plan.   

Every project's requirements is unique so as we work through this initial phase, we effectively determine the overall Scope of Work for the project. This ensures that everyone involved knows exactly the project goals, the process required to achieve the end result and the time it will take to deliver the results. Upon completion of the pre-design phase, we provide a formal Proposal/Contract.

Schematic Design Sketches
3D Modeling

Schematic Design

We assemble schematic floor plans and elevations using 3D modeling based on the initial meeting and submit them for your review. We use building energy modeling to optimize the building form. We also ensure that all Building Code and City zoning bylaw requirements have been addressed.

  • Design Review Meeting #1

    • Discuss design in terms of square footage, room sizes, door and window sizes and placement, function and aesthetics

    • Take the schematic design home to review further and e-mail comments

Design Development

We develop additional details to describe the character of the house. For example, interior spaces that require special design features or treatments are incorporated into the Design Development Drawings.

  • Design Review Meeting #2

    • Discuss design in terms of square footage, room sizes, door and window sizes and placement, function and aesthetics

    • Take the schematic design home to review further and e-mail comments

Design Development Phase
Construction Documents

Construction Documentation

Upon approval of the design development drawings, construction drawings and specifications that describe the scope of work are prepared for submission to the local Building Department and for construction by a qualified General Contractor.


Our drawing details are in 3D because this is how we see the world and how best we can communicate how things are put together.

Construction Contract

Along with your selected Builder, we review a CCDC contract that confirms the scope of work, schedule, delivery, team, and construction cost for the project. The continuity from design to construction means the chances of surprises related to project cost are greatly reduced and it built to perform as expected. There is no premium for doing things differently since, simply the methods proposed are matched by a team who is experienced and committed to doing things better.

Construction Contract
Prefab Panelized Construction

Prefab Panelize

The prefabricated shell is the most critical part of the performance of your house. We design the shell (outside walls, floors and roofs) specific to your home's location and design to provide you with optimal performance. Prefabrication provides you with unmatched quality because it's built indoors by our experienced carpenters. It also lets you move in faster and save on construction energy costs since the shell is built simultaneously with the foundation.


We work with professional teams who deliver your project with the same care as our design process. The integration allows the overall team to construct your home to a significantly better standard than the typical construction industry. Our team is experienced to deliver the most advanced homes in the world and builders partner with us because they also want to be part of these projects. As a result, your home gets built to the performance and quality you expect.

Design Build Passive House
Happy Customers

Move In

Our process lets you move in faster while helping you get a significantly more comfortable and higher performing home. Your project's success is our success. We are an advocate for your project from conception until you have had a chance to  experience living in your home. We want to make sure you are taken care of throughout the process and that your home performs as designed.

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